Kdrama Challenge: Question 30

30 Nov

Yay not only the last question but the final day of National Blog Posting Month.  Whew I am impressed that I actually posted every day.  I will admit there were some days I had to force myself but I am glad I completed the challenge.  With that all said let me answer the last question:

If you woke up and was a main character in a drama, what three lessons have you learned from watching kdramas that will help you survive?

1.  NEVER EVER EVER EVER trust your family if you are part of a chaebol company.  They are all back stabbing you some way and some how.  Your cousin/uncle/aunt is trying to kick you out of the company and your mother is trying to ruin your relationship.  The only one you can possibly trust is your grandmother.  Everyone else watch out for.

2.  If you need to get somewhere fast while in a state of emotional distress  then run to where ever you need to go.  You need not take a car, bus nor bicycle as in dramas it is ALWAYS faster to just run.  It’s some special physics or something.

3.  It is not enough just to turn off your cell phone to ignore someone; you also need to take out the battery.  It will really show them that you don’t want to talk them.  Plus I guess the person calling you obviously has some super awesome way to turn on your phone while it is off so you have to be extra special sure they can not get through.

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One Response to “Kdrama Challenge: Question 30”

  1. flowers November 30, 2012 at 8:39 am #

    congrats on completing your challenge :D

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