Kdrama Challenge: Question 14

14 Nov

What is your favorite kiss?

Lie to Me –  The Coca Cola Kiss:  After having a flirty soda fight where they drench each other with Coke,  they lean and kiss that still gives me that lovey dovey feeling when I think about it.  The only problem I had after that was that we had to be reminded of the kiss every other moment of the drama.  I mean we get it already they kissed while being soaked in carbonated beverages.  Despite it all that it still was a good kiss.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – Cha Chi-soo does not do anything small plus he is a hormonal teenager.  So when he leans in to kiss Eun-bi, it’s not some simple chaste kiss that dramas like to do.  Oh no this is full on tongue in mouth sort of kiss.  And in case she forgot the first kiss, he kissed her again.  Chi-soo meant some business.

My sister’s opinion:

Queen In-hyun’s Man – I liked how the first kiss was instigated early on by the girl but my favorite is the second kiss in the library while trying to hide from the security cameras.

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