Kdrama Challenge: Question 10

10 Nov

What is your least favorite fashion sense?

Gong Ah-jung from Lie To Me – So I will confess that I don’t really hate her style  its more that there is something about it that annoys me.  I am going to sound like a complete nerd but it drove me crazy the way she dressed at work.  Everyone one else in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism dressed all professional EXCEPT Ah-jung.  I would obsess about it every time there was a scene where she was at work.  Don’t get me wrong there were some scenes where she was dressed in the proper office attire but other days where I was like Ah-jung you might want to check your dress code guidelines…….

Jeremy from You’re Beautiful – Before you all hate me,  I heart Jeremy sooooooooo much as he was such an awesome character.  But you have to admit that he was put in some tragic outfits and hairstyles (ok one hairstyle) compared to the rest of the band A.N.Jell.  Not all the hair or clothes were bad but there were a great many.  Trust me I am ready with photographic proof…….

My sister’s opinion:

Jeon Jin-ho from Personal Taste – They kept putting him in high waters.  I started feeling bad for him like he went around for months with cold ankles.  There was also this one scene where he had the high waters and this weird suit jacket with no sleeves.

Park-ha from Rooftop Prince – I HATED those white shoes.  Ugh then she had a pair in black as well.

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One Response to “Kdrama Challenge: Question 10”

  1. flowers November 11, 2012 at 5:06 am #

    i don’t like that mushroom kind of hair style that many females do in so many dramas…..like Boys before flowers,Lie to me,Big,Full House 2,Shining Inheritance and many more :D

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