Kdrama Challenge: Question 30

30 Nov

Yay not only the last question but the final day of National Blog Posting Month.  Whew I am impressed that I actually posted every day.  I will admit there were some days I had to force myself but I am glad I completed the challenge.  With that all said let me answer the last question:

If you woke up and was a main character in a drama, what three lessons have you learned from watching kdramas that will help you survive?

1.  NEVER EVER EVER EVER trust your family if you are part of a chaebol company.  They are all back stabbing you some way and some how.  Your cousin/uncle/aunt is trying to kick you out of the company and your mother is trying to ruin your relationship.  The only one you can possibly trust is your grandmother.  Everyone else watch out for.

2.  If you need to get somewhere fast while in a state of emotional distress  then run to where ever you need to go.  You need not take a car, bus nor bicycle as in dramas it is ALWAYS faster to just run.  It’s some special physics or something.

3.  It is not enough just to turn off your cell phone to ignore someone; you also need to take out the battery.  It will really show them that you don’t want to talk them.  Plus I guess the person calling you obviously has some super awesome way to turn on your phone while it is off so you have to be extra special sure they can not get through.

Kdrama Challenge: Question 29

29 Nov

What drama made you sad?

I tend to steer away from melodramas so I don’t usually get sad after watching dramas.  The one that has come close is Rootop Prince for sure.  The whole drama you have in the back of your mind that there is no way Lee Gak is staying.  He is here to solve a mystery from his time.  So as he and Park Ha are getting all close and falling in love, you know in your heart of hearts that they are not staying together.  Yeah sure Park Ha and the reincarnated Lee Gak,  Tae-yong, get together at the end but it is not really the same.  Plus poor Lee Gak gets to be alone in the past as Hong Bu-yong, who Park Ha is reincarnated from, meets some unfortunate circumstances.

Kdrama Challenge: Question 28

28 Nov

A Kdrama that made you happy?

I think most kdramas give a good feeling of the warm and fuzzys.  I usually walk away from them satisfied with the ending.  The most recent drama that made me happy to watch was Greatest Love.  It was a really fun ride watching Dokko Jin transform from this lonely and self involved actor to this family man who couldn’t wait to get home.  The man gave up some things that were important to his career like Hollywood and a film guaranteed for Cannes just to have this life with _____.  It was great that he did not regret one bit and totally relished his new imaged as a sexy dad.

Kdrama Challenge: Question 27

27 Nov

Who is your most annoying kdrama character?

I think the biggest concentration of characters I found annoying were in Pasta.  Don’t get me wrong I liked that drama but oh was I doing so much eye rolling while watching it.

First the fired female chefs who focused on their energy on hating chef Choi Hyun-wook.  Lets face it girls you made it pretty easy for him to fire you.  Yelling at customers while waving lobsters in their face or doing a  heavy petting session in the restaurant freezer usually does it.  Let go of the angry and look within to see what next time you can avoid to do so this does not happen again.  I would have rather watched them prove Hyun-wook wrong that women deserve cook in a professional kitchen than them trying to catch him in a personal relationship with Seo Yoo-kyung.  Actually the moments of them in their own restaurant were my some of my favorite scenes.

Oh Le Sfera’s Ceo Seol Joon-suk.  This character annoyed me SOOOOO MUCH.  I hated whenever he appeared.  His quest to bring down Choi Hyun-wook got tiring.  It just needed to get toned down a bit.  Again it was another case of him doing something that got himself demoted.  Next time don’t keep the bribe money and then try to blame it on someone else.  It wasn’t Hyun-wook’s fault you got in trouble.  He was just the reason you got caught.  

Ahhh don’t worry Hyun Woo doesn’t annoy me.  I just felt like ending this post with him.  I know….you’re welcome.

Kdrama Challenge: Question 26

26 Nov

A Kdrama that is loved by many but you don’t seem to like?

Dear Playful Kiss (or one of the many other names that you go by),

Oh how so many love you but I just didn’t get hooked.   I tried Playful Kiss I really did.  I even watched you all the way through and that is saying a lot.  Its not the actors faults.  Jung So-min was super cute as Oh Ha-ni and lets face it  Kim Hyun-joong is not to  bad to look it for an hour.  And after he got out of high school, I quite enjoyed the character Bong Joon-gu.  I think it was the story and characters.   Baek Seung-jo is definitely one of the bigger jerks as drama males lead go but it got soooooooooo annoying watching  Oh Ha-ni follow him around like a little puppy.  I was at my limit when Oh Ha-ni  started stalking him at his job.  For reals Oh Ha-ni????  You are just going to camp out there EVERY time he works????  Playful Kiss it drove me crazy watching her life revolve around Seung-jo.  Yes I know you are going to tell me that eventually she realizes how important nursing was to her and that it was not just something to be by Seung-jo side every moment of the day.  The problem is that it came kind of too late for me.  Now Playful Kiss did I laugh during some parts….certainly.  Were there parts I enjoy….of course.  Its just as a whole my heart was just not in this drama.  I am really sorry Playful Kiss but it just did not work out for us.  Luckily you are loved by so many and they will get you through this tough moment.


KDrama Drama

Kdrama Challenge: Question 25

25 Nov

What was your first kdrama?


Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince but it was supposed to be Pasta.  My sister had discovered kdrama way before me.  I was sent  on a mission to watch Pasta as that was the one she was watching at the moment and wanted someone to talk about it with.  I had completely intended to follow her wishes and watch Pasta……until I saw Coffee Prince.  I was like what the hey I will check out the first episode and then start watching Pasta like I promised.  But it didn’t happened that way.  After each episode I kept clicking to watch the next.  I am semi ashamed (not really) to admit that I watch six episodes straight that day.   Eventually I did watch Pasta and was happy with my decision to see Coffee Prince first.  Amazingly though my sister actually never even finished Pasta.

My sister’s opinion:

First one I started watching was Boys over Flowers but never finished it.

The first one I watched all the way through was Perfect Kiss and I <3 it

Kdrama Challenge: Question 24

24 Nov

What is the worst kdrama couple?

Yoo So-ran and Chun Jae-bum from Lie to Me.  They just need to end their marriage. It’s just too much drama.  First he is cheating on her and not very privately.  I guess it didn’t matter as they were separating anyways and were just pretending they had the prefect marriage.  Then she gets decides to make everyone think she is going to kill herself but really she is living it up at a sweet resort.  They both realize they still love each other after the suicide scare and make another go at the marriage.  Yay  they live happily ever after………no not them.

For reasons I really could not figure out,  Jae-bum leaves So-ran and heads to the same swanky resort.  He is also up to his same player ways trying to get with the ladies.  Eventually he finds out So-ran is pregnant and so of course they get back together.   Poor little kid as to grow up in the middle of that drama.

The funny thing is when Ki-joon was trying to convince Ah-jung to marry him he brought the dysfunctional duo as an example.  I am not surprised it still took Ah-jung a while to decide.  She was party to most of their drama.

Kdrama Challenge: Question 23

23 Nov

Who is the best kdrama couple?

BTW if you have not watched Rooftop Prince this is going to contain a little bit of spoilers for the twisty ending.  So if you hate yourself some spoilers skip this post.

I have to give this one to Lee Gak/Yong Tae-yong and Park Ha/ Bu Yong from Rooftop Prince.  I mean Bu Yong eats poison food to save Crown Prince Lee Gak because she loves him.  As she is dying she writes a letter declaring her love.  Can you say dedication?  Especially since Lee Gak did not even realize Bu Yong was completely in love with him yet.  Then Lee Gak gets transported 300 years into the future to present day Soeul where he meets Park Ha, the reincarnated Bu Yong, and falls in love with her.  Well after he finally realizes the truth behind the Crown Princess.  When he gets transported back to the Joseon Era, he gets to live a lone with out Park Ha after he takes deals with Bu Yong’s death.  Also he writes a letter for her to find 300 years later.  Eventually the reincarnated Lee Gak, Tae-yong, meets Park Ha and they finally get to spend their life together.   Come on their love story was three hundred years in the making.  That takes some patience that I know I would not have.

Kdrama Challenge: Question 22

22 Nov

What is the most annoying drama cliché?

Oh not the first time Lee Kyu-won fell. Just the one she did the most damage. Poor little Shin’s dreams were ruined with this fall….

I hate the overly clumsy girl.  Trust me I am really accident prone but I have not fallen down as much as some of these female leads.

The first of many drunk moments for Ah-jung.

Oh soju.  You get used waaaay too many times as a plot device.  I do love a funny drunk scene as the next person but sometimes they abuse you poor soju.  The best example of this is Lie to Me.  Wow did Ah-jung loved to get herself sloppy drunk.  Her plus soju did not did not equal super happy times.

My sister’s opinion:


I hate the fish kiss.  You know the first kiss that shocks the girl and she makes this super surprised face.  It is really awkward to watch this one-sided kiss.

Kdrama Challenge: Question 21

21 Nov

What is your favorite drama cliché?

From the left: You’re Beautiful, Coffee Prince and To the Beautiful You

1.  I totally am game for the girl pretending to be a boy and all of the hijinks that follows.  I will give it a shot every time.  Not saying that every girl is really that believable as a guy nor are all the dramas good.  Its doesn’t matter I will give it a chance.  I’ve watched Coffee Prince, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, You’re Beautiful and now I am on to To the Beautiful You.

Starting from the top left and going clockwise: Time Slip Dr. Jin, Rooftop Prince, Faith and Queen In-hyun’s Man

2.  Oh do I love a good time travel.  It’s probably because I totally heart myself some Doctor Who. I enjoy all the miscommunication and confusion that a couple of centuries difference will provide.  Lucky for me it seems to be the latest trend in Kdramaville.

3.  This happens mostly with the males but occasionally with the females but the moment when the other realizes that their love interest is a good cook or actually any drama about restaurants.  I am down for any food conversation as I am a complete foodie.  I love talking about food, looking at tasty pictures of food and especially watching dramas about food.  I mean all that Italian food in Pasta or Ramyun goodness in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop makes me so happy.

Starting from the top left going clockwise: Heartstrings, You’re Beautiful, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and Mary Stayed Out All Night

4.  Boys with guitars but I really don’t need to explain why that is awesome.  From The Stupid in Heartstrings, A.N.Jell in You’re Beautiful or Eye Candy In Shut Up Flower Boy Band, I can’t get enough.

My sister’s opinion:

Arang and the Magistrate

Playful Kiss

I totally love the piggyback scene.   I wondered how they were going to do the piggyback scene in Arang and they totally managed it.


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